Ornaments & Plants

Ornaments & Plants

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Fish tank ornaments don’t just brighten up a tank – they’re also essential for giving your pets a place to hide, making them more comfortable. OlliePets offers all kinds of decorations, plants and gravel for your tank.

Your chosen décor should provide places for your fish to hide themselves away throughout the day. Some fish may use these when they sleep, though most fish will sleep in midwater or hang at the water’s surface.

Choosing The Perfect Fish Tank Ornaments

Benefits of Fish Tank Ornaments

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Having ornaments in your fish tank is quite beneficial for your delicate fish and living aquatic creatures. Not only does it provide shelter for them, but it is also a great place for the young and older fish to play in or around.

Choosing that Perfect Fish Tank Ornament

To choose the perfect fish tank ornament, evaluate yourself. Your fish tank ornaments should help bring your envisioned imagination to life—the theme and the contrast combined with the perfect array of colors.

Decide on a theme or a certain colored first, which is the basic step toward your ultimate goal of creating a beautifully playful home for your fish. Keep the type of fish you want in mind when buying aquarium ornaments.What do you think will make them feel comfortable or stressed? By researching the natural habitat of the fish, you can base your ornaments around how they will benefit the fish.

If you have a lot of bright colors in your tank,think about getting brightly colored fish since the colors will automatically complement each other.

Be careful not to use ornaments with sharp edges as they can be harmful to your fish when they swim by it. It is also wise not to use too many large fish tank ornaments as your fish will usually hide behind them and seeing your fish may be difficult. One or two large ornaments will be quite enough depending on the tank size. Always clean any new ornament you put into your tank. You can usually use boiling water and a toothbrush to rinse them off.

You also do not want too many ornaments in one fish tank as it will clutter your aquarium.With the right combination of fish tank ornaments, you can transform your tank into a classical masterpiece or even a medieval shipwreck. Remember that whatever theme, color, or fish you choose, if you follow instructions and take advice and tips when given, you will have quite a uniquely designed underwater creation that will reflect on you and give your guests, as well as your fishy friends, quite a relaxing and inspired living space.


10 x Oxygenating Live Weed

Biotope Aquatics Ltd



5 x Oxygenating Live Weed

Biotope Aquatics Ltd



4 Giant Marimo Moss Balls




10 x Oxygenating Live Weed

Fish Around



Natural Driftwood Branches




Decorations Plants w/ Rockery view




2 x Aquarium Artificial Plants




Hemianthus Callitrichoides




4 x Natural Forest Branch



What are Fish Tank Ornaments?

With so many options available today, how will you ever know which ones to choose? There are ornaments that are made from natural stone, plastic, ceramic, different plants, driftwood pieces, or even a combination of some of these materials. Some ornaments can even be made at home, such as using old mugs as a great hideaway for fish or placing stickers or vinyl to the outside of the tank. 

The possibilities are endless and depend upon your budget. Just keep the safety of your fish in mind and you will be well on your way when adding ornaments to your fish tank.