Dog Beds

Dog Beds

Your pet needs somewhere to curl up at the end of a busy day, and our dog beds and mattresses in all shapes and sizes give them a place to snooze in comfort.

After a long day of being in the cold, doesn’t it feel good to snuggle up to a warm blanket?

Not only does it feel wonderful to you, it also feels that way for your pup.

Most people give their dogs old blankets they no longer want to use themselves. But why not treat your doggy to his own special blanket?

Dog blanket for couch

What dog doesn’t like to snuggle up on the couch? Provide extra comfort for your pet while protecting your couch by getting a quality dog blanket for your sofa.

Bone Dry is a great choice because it is 100% polyester and machine washable. It’s also lightweight so it’s easy to move when you’re cleaning, and provides protection for your couch.


Jumbo Cord/ Plush




Orthopedic Dog Mattress




Grey Vet Bed Rectangle

PnH Veterinary Bedding



Memory Foam Off-Cut

Bodymould Mattresses



Large Cosy Comfort Bed




Self Heating Pet Blanket




XL Washable Pet Sofa




Fur Dog Bed Cushion




High Density Foam Mattress



Dog blanket for bed

Looking for a dog blanket for the bed? PetFusion makes a premium pet blanket that is comfy for all four seasons.

You can place it on your bed to help prevent fur from transferring onto your sheets, or place it on your dog’s bed.

Either way, it’ll make it cozy for your dog to lie down in his own blanket.

If you are looking for a thick dog blanket that can provide lots of cushion, PetPawJoy makes a dog blanket that does just that.

Cooling blanket for dogs

Do you need a blanket to keep your dog cool on hot days?

Hugs Pet Products makes a cooling pad that has gel technology. It absorbs body heat and offers cushion for pets with joint pain.

This cooling dog blanket is lightweight, portable and resistant to puncturing. It does not require electricity or placement in the freezer.

Heated dog blanket

Does your dog sleep in a cold room of the house? Or maybe your home is just a tad too cool for your doggy.

A great option for keeping your dog nice and toasty is getting a dog heating blanket. K&H Pet Products makes a highly rated dog electric blanket.