Collars, Harnesses, Leads & Tags

Collars, Harnesses, Leads & Tags

Our fantastic range of cat collars will ensure you can protect your cat without compromising their flexibility or comfort – and if you want to get them used to the outdoors, our cat leads are designed for cats of all sizes!

How to get a cat to wear a collar

Cat training behaviour – collar

Whether you’re about to welcome a new kitten into your home or you’ve decided to get one for your pet so they can roam around outside, there’s a good chance you’re going to need a collar for your cat. Collars are great for letting other people know that your cat has a home, while also allowing your pet to carry your contact details around with them in case they get lost or something else happens.

Which collar should I choose?

There are lots of different cat collars out there for you to choose from, whether you go for a classic design or something with a bit more colour. As well as choosing a collar based on how it looks on your cat, you also need to make sure that it’s comfortable and the right size to allow your pet to easily walk, jump and leap around.

How do I check if a collar fits?

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For a collar to be comfortable for your cat without them being able to get it off, you should be able to fit two fingers underneath it while your pet’s wearing it. It’s important to choose a design that has a breakaway fastening, which allows it to break open if it gets caught on something. Your cat will thank you for this, as it can stop them from getting tangled up on anything from a tree branch while they’re out roaming to your furniture when they’re indoors.


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What are specialist collars?

There are plenty of specialist collars out there which have other helpful functions built in too, including ones that can combat fleas and others which reflect in the dark and even make a noise to help animals your cat’s hunting get away.

Before you let your cat roam outside, you should always make sure they’re microchipped and you’ve registered the right details, as this’ll make your pet much easier to find if they get lost.

Does my cat need a harness too?

If you want to let your cat play outdoors but you live in a built-up area or next to a busy road, or even if they’re just a little nervous, a harness can be a great option for you to consider. If you don’t feel happy letting them out on their own though, you can train your pet to walk on a leash instead so you can always make sure they’re safe, although you should be aware that they might take some time to get used to it.

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How do I pick a harness?

If you do choose to do this, it’s best to use a harness that allows your cat to walk comfortably and has evenly-distributed support should you need to prevent them from getting into tricky situations. When choosing a harness, make sure it fits your cat properly and isn’t too loose to stop them from being able to escape.

What’s the best way to get my cat used to their harness?

To get your pet used to their new harness, try using it round the house at first before going outside. This also lets you check the fit of it while your cat’s moving around, and allows you to figure out any potential problems before you head off outside where your pet has the opportunity to run off into the great outdoors!

We’ve got a whole range of comfortable and colourful collars and harnesses for cats.