Cat Toys

Cat Toys

Keep your cat entertained all day with our fantastic selection of cat toys, ranging from catnip balls to dangling tassles and feathers. Jump, run, fetch and pounce with your cat as you treat them to another new addition to the toy box – hours of fun for both of you!

A cat owner’s guide to stimulating playtime

Although you might find that your pet can be a bit choosy when it comes to their toys, almost all cats will enjoy having some fun playtime with you. Having something to play with’s great for keeping your pet entertained and even comforted, as well as giving you the perfect way to bond with them. As well as all the fun you’ll have, playing with your cat also helps them to learn and improve skills like chasing and trapping, and intense play’s a great bit of exercise for them too. Here we’ve put together some advice on how to get your cat engaged in some fun playtime, which will help your cat to stay happy and stimulated, and hopefully steer them away from developing behavioural issues that can happen when your pet’s bored.

How to choose the right toys for your cat

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You need to make sure that any toys you get for your cat are safe, so check that there are no small, detachable parts or anything that they could swallow. Toys specifically designed for cats are always best, as these will be built to withstand lots of clawing, chewing and grabbing. It can sometimes be a case of trial and error with your pet, so if one toy doesn’t seem to get them excited, just try another to get them interested.


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Encourage your cat to ‘hunt’

While your pet might look cute and adorable when they’re curled up and purring in your lap, cats are also incredible hunters and will love the opportunity to exercise their predatory skills. You’ll probably find that one of your cat’s favourite ways of playing is to mimic how they hunt, as they seek out their prey, stalk it and pounce. This is why a lot of cat toys resemble the movement of smaller animals, from the traditional stuffed mouse on a string to bird-like toys which flutter in the air.

Keep things new and interesting

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Cats love to explore and discover new things, so interesting toys and ones that are a bit unusual are sure to be popular with your pet. They’re also likely to be taken with noisy toys, so something that squeaks could be a good idea. It might take a little while to find out what your cat’s favourite toy is, but you can have fun experimenting with your pet as you try out new things together.

Give your pet the right environment

Kittens have a playful reputation for good reason, as they love to play with you and each other for hours on end. Older cats aren’t always as keen to play with others, but they’ll still enjoy playtime with you if you get things right for them. Keep plenty of toys on hand so that when your pet’s ready for some fun, you can both have an entertaining playtime together. Try to aim for at least 15 minutes of play per day, and vary the type of toys your pet has access to as they might get bored if they only get to play with the same toy.