Kitten Toys

Kitten Toys

Kittens are naturally inquisitive and playful creatures, so it’s important that you keep their bodies and minds active with plenty of toys. At OlliePets we have a massive range of exciting kitten toys, making it easy for you to keep them happy day after day.

Playing with your kitten

Kittens love to play, and it’s important to have this great interaction with your pet, as well as the physical and mental stimulation that it provides. Active and full of beans, your kitten can go on for hours, but it’s easy to forget just how much love and play your new family member needs. If you make the effort to give your kitten all the playtime they need, then you’ll give them the best chance of growing up to be the healthy, sociable, well-rounded adult cat that you’re hoping for.

A guide to the perfect playtime

It’s easy to achieve the perfect playtime and, as well as the benefits for your kitten, you’re sure to have a great time yourself too. Here we take a look at some of the best types of play for your kitten, the benefits they can have, and some of the best toys for you both to get the most out of playtime.

Types of play

There are lots of different games that you can play with your kitten, so try some of the ones below to get you started as you develop your own way of interacting with your pet.

Toy on a string

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Your kitten will love trying to get hold of a toy that dangles on an elasticated piece of string, as they run and jump around trying to catch it.

Hide and seek

Hide one of your pet’s toys under a blanket for them to find, then move the blanket around to see them pounce as they try to get it.


Much like dogs, kittens also love to play games of chase, and will often run around after a ball or toy for hours on end. It’s great to watch your pet learn how to use their paws to catch things and even throw toys around, while some kittens might even play fetch with you.

Catnip toys and plush toys

Having some of these around gives your kitten a chance to practice their hunting skills, as they hold the stuffed toy you’re playing with and scratch it with their back claws. This can also be a great way to keep your pet entertained when you’re not around, helping them to pass the time when you’re out of the house.


Catnip Bags (28.35g)




3 Catnip Plush Scratch Toys




Super Roller Circuit




Weazel Motorised Ball

Bartl GmbH



Cat Teaser Interactive




Feather Toys 10pcs




Teaser Toys 10pcs




LED Pointer




Catnip Fish Toys



The benefits of stimulation and social interaction

Playing with your kitten has lots of benefits, both in terms of physical and mental stimulation as well as social interaction. For one, it helps to increase the bond that you and your kitten share, strengthening your relationship and building new levels of trust. It also helps them to build up their confidence and learn about the boundaries that come with playtime, making them better at socialising with other people and animals.

The mental stimulation that your kitten gets from playtime stops them from getting bored, but can also reduce any stress they might be feeling. If you have another cat in the family, playing with them both at the same time can help to relieve any tension there might be at first.

Physically, the stimulation of playtime promotes healthy growth and keeps your kitten in good shape, as well as helping them to burn off energy which is great if your pet can be a bit hyperactive. This in turn can help to remove any bad behaviour traits that can sometimes arise, all while you’re having lots of fun with your kitten.

Which toys work best?

There are so many different kinds of toys that you can get for your kitten, and of course we have a great selection online. It’s usually best to try some different ones to see what your pet likes to play with, and have a good variety to keep things fresh and interesting.

  • Toy on a string
  • Ping pong balls
  • A tracking tunnel with balls for them to hit with their paws
  • Soft toys
  • Catnip toys
  • Scratching post
  • Tunnels for hiding while playing