Tanks & Cabinets

Tanks & Cabinets

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, you’ll find all the tanks you need here to start a new aquarium or take your current one to new heights.

You certainly can’t have a pretty school of fish without a tank, so this should be the first thing on your list.

The size of tank you require will largely depend on the size and number of pets you plan on filling it with.

If you’re a first-time freshwater fish owner, it can be a good idea to start off small with a tank that’s 20 gallons or less. The larger the tank the more complex it will be to maintain.

Are you thinking of dipping your toes into the water and start keeping fish as pets? They may not cuddle up to you on the sofa or accompany you on walks, but fish are truly fascinating creatures.


AQUARIUM 54L (60x30x30cm)




Nanoscaping 25 (30cm³)




Aqua 60 LED Kit (58L)




LUX LED Aquarium Kit (75L)




Aquarium Cabinet (120L)




Aquarium Cabinet (64L)




Wood Cabinet (60 x 32 x 70cm)




Aqua Art Tank Stand (20 – 30L)




Aquarium Cabinet (39Kg)



So what do you need to think about ahead of getting your first fish?

  • The bigger the tank or aquarium the better. Most fish may be small in size, but they still need plenty of room to swim, especially if you have decided to get more than one.
  • Think about where you place your tank. Keep it out of direct sunlight, away from windows and heating. The last thing you want is for the water in the tank to heat up out of your control.
  • Invest in a decent filter. This will keep the water in the tank cleaner for longer, removing any debris, pollutants and waste.
  • Add an air pump. This will keep the water in the tank oxygenated and will keep the water moving which is great for your fish. Pumps come in different sizes depending on the amount of litres your tank can hold, such as the Marina 100 Air Pump for Aquariums which is suited for up to 150 litres capacity.
  • Fish may need heat and light. Depending on the breed of fish, heating could be crucial. If your fish are tropical there will be certain temperatures that you to need to ensure the water is kept to. Goldfish and cold water fish are an exception and will require no heat. Lighting will help any plant life in the tank to grow and will also show off the colours of your fish for you to enjoy.
  • Add some gravel to the tank. Some bacteria is beneficial to fish and gravel gives it somewhere to live. It will also help to break down any waste that your fish creates, as well as adding an attractive look to their surroundings.
  • Include some plants and greenery. Using different varieties of plant life will give your fish somewhere to hide and play, helping them to feel safe. Real plants will help to maintain the nutrients in the tank, but artificial plants will work just as well for giving your fish somewhere to hide. The Classic Rocky Outcrops White Stone with Cactus is a great mix of tank ornaments and plants to keep your fish happy!