Keeping chickens is fun and rewarding, so we have made sure your pets have as much fun in their home as possible with our great range of chicken products, including everything from food to coops and even toys to keep them entertained.

What Makes the Perfect Coop

Chickens are not very demanding when it comes to houses.

They don’t need running water, electricity or carpets. A modified basic wooden box will do in a pinch, but there are a few crucial things you need for your flock to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

  1. Basic Shelter Requirements

This is the most basic need of all, a place where they are able to get out of the blistering sun, howling wind or blowing snow. The coop needs to be water resistant as there is nothing more miserable than a wet chicken.

  1. Adequate Amount of Space

Adequate space for birds to co-habit peacefully is essential. If they are crowded together they are likely to start anti-social behaviors like picking and pecking each other. The worst time for these behaviors is winter; hens get bored and create mischief.

  1. Temperature Control

Ideally, the coop should be cool in summer and warm in winter. Correct ventilation of your coop is crucial when it comes to temperature regulation. A good flow of air will keep the coop at an optimal temperature for your hens. If you think it’s too hot you need to add more ventilation holes.

  1. Nesting Boxes

With nesting boxes you will need approximately one box for every three hens, but it never hurts to have more. There is always one favorite box that they will squabble over, so more is better.

  1. Roosts

Roosts are simply the place where the birds congregate to sleep at night. They will all generally sleep on the same perch (roost), although some do prefer to be by themselves if they feel perfectly safe.

  1. Outside Roaming/Pen

In addition to a secure coop your chicken is also going to need access to some outside space; regardless of whether this is contained or free range.

  1. Security

A strong and formidable coop will keep your girls safe at night. Do not think, even for a minute, that predators won’t be bold enough to sneak into your yard and try to kill your birds – they will and they do, with catastrophic results for your birds and heart break for you.


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Poultry Cider Vinegar (1 L)




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Chicken Feeder (3Kg)




Water is essential to all living things and chickens are no exception.

A hen will drink about a cup of water each day. She will take frequent small sips throughout the day. Too little water can affect egg production among many other things, so make sure they have plenty.

There are approximately fifteen cups of water to one US gallon, so if you have a lot of birds you will need a couple of drinkers for them. As an example I have around forty birds and I put out four drinkers in various places, which ensures they all have access to water.


n addition to water the other key thing a chicken needs is food.

Giving your chickens the correct food will keep them happy and turn them into an egg laying machine. Give them the wrong food and it can lead to all sorts of problems including bullying and weight loss…

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brown and black hen on cage