Cat Litter Trays & Accessories

Cat Litter Trays & Accessories

Cat litter and cat trays are an absolute must for cat owners, giving your cats an easy space to use that can be disposed of with minimal mess or fuss. Take a look at our great range of cat litter products!

We offer a range of cat litter trays, including simple open trays and enclosed hooded options for cats that prefer a little more privacy. Don’t forget to pick up a litter tray mat and scooper, too, to help keep the area clean!

How to toilet train your cat

If your cat’s going to spend a lot of time outdoors, then they’re likely to take care of their business while they’re outside. However, litter training is an important part of helping a new cat settle into your home.

As they’re such clean and clever animals, it’s no surprise that it’s usually easy to teach cats to use a litter tray. It’s often enough to leave your pet in a secure area with a clean litter tray. Once they’ve had enough time to explore and get used to their new space, they should be able to figure out what to use the litter tray for.

There are some things you need to do to ensure your pet has a place that they feel comfortable and happy to do their business in. Cats are fussy about their environment, so if they’re not happy with where their litter tray is, they simply won’t use it.

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Follow these steps to make your cat’s litter training as simple as possible:

  1. Choose the right tray and litter
  2. Find the right place for the litter tray
  3. Keep the litter tray clean
  4. Reward your cat for using the litter tray
  5. Never punish your cat for accidents


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Choosing the right litter tray and litter

The main thing to think about is whether there’s enough room in the litter tray for your pet. They need enough space to do their business and then dig to cover it with litter, so it’s usually better to go for a larger litter tray if you can. Your cat won’t appreciate a tray that’s too small and will be less likely to use it.

When it comes to choosing litter, there’s no right or wrong answer, with trial and error often being the best solution. Once you’ve found a litter that both you and your pet like, try not to change it again, as your cat might not like using something they’re not used to.

Choose the right place for the litter tray

Cats tend to like privacy when they use their litter trays, so it’s a good idea to put the tray somewhere quiet and well away from food and water where they won’t be disturbed. Whether it’s in a utility room or even your bathroom, find somewhere that you’ll both be comfortable with.

Make the litter tray a clean and comfortable place

To stop your cat from choosing somewhere else as their toilet spot, make sure that you clean their litter tray every day and change the litter a couple of times a week.

When you’re housetraining your kitten, they’re likely to need a bit of help remembering where to go, so you can put a bit of the old litter into the changed litter to help familiarise the spot.

Help your cat enjoy using their litter tray

While it’s important to never disturb your cat when they’re going to the loo, it’s a good idea to reward your pet for using their litter tray. A well-timed treat and plenty of praise after they’ve used it is a good way to help them make positive associations with their tray.

Don’t punish your cat for accidents

Accidents are going to happen when you’re housetraining your cat, but punishing or shouting at your pet for making a mistake won’t help and could even make the problem worse. Scared animals don’t learn, and shouting at your pet can make them afraid of you.

Instead of getting angry, clean up the accident with an odour eliminating product and continue to encourage your pet to use the litter tray.

Following an accident, make sure your cat’s litter tray is clean, comfortable and has enough space for them to do their business happily. They might’ve chosen somewhere else because they don’t like the litter tray and where it is, so this should always be your first port of call.

If you find that after time your cat’s still having frequent accidents in the home, it could be a good idea to see your vet, as there might be a health-related problem that needs considering. If you’re ready to start litter training your cat.

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